Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#2 - Bridge of Ury

This postcard was sent from Bella Ivers to Mrs. McCurrach (my Great-Great-Grandmother) who lived at 9 Roseneath Terrace in Nairn (which is just northeast of Inverness in Scotland - and there is an Inverness in Nova Scotia, surprise, surprise).  It is dated June 8, 1909.

Here is Roseneath Terrace in Nairn.  Number 9 has since been demolished, but I presume it looked a lot like the ones on the left.  If I find out more, I'll update this post.

The postcard reads: "We arrived home safe and enjoyed ourselves (unreadable, maybe immense?) on the way.  although we were all a little tired but we spent a very pleasant day, thanks to your kindness.  Give kind regards to all your family and accept some yourself from Bella Ivers Whitehill.  Love to Mona XXXXXX"

The image on the front is of The Bridge of Ury, Inverurie:

Inverurie is to the Northwest of Aberdeen.  This bridge goes over the River Urie and is on Keithhall road.  Here is what it looks like today:

Isabella Ivers, in 1901, lived in Inverurie.  Since she was headed "home" in this postcard, I assume she still lived there.  Her address (from the 1901 census) was 13 Gallowfold Lane.  She was born about 1861, so by 1909 she was in her mid- to late- 40s.

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