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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#34 - Discovery, BC part 2

This is a postcard written FROM Discovery, B.C. this time.  The last one was written to a W. Grant IN Discovery.  Of all the research I've done so far, this Discovery research is the most elusive.  This is a very remote area which had relatively few inhabitants and online archives have little information.  The "real" archives ... well, a bit hard to get to.

Some background:  My mother has an heirloom piece of jewellery that was given, I believe, to my great-grandmother Nellie.  It was given to her by a friend named Jimmy Kinnaird.  He (apparently) did some gold mining in B.C.  

So I have this postcard being written to my great-grandfather in Vancouver (at 1460 36th Avenue East) from Discovery, BC on December 18, 1914:

On the bottom, written in pencil is:  "What do you think of this team".

The back is written upside down, but here it is:

It reads: "Dear Jack.  Just a PC to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I will try and write a long letter some day.  I told MacDonald to give you all the news about Dis.  I see that he is already home in Nairn.  I hope that you seen (?) him before he went away if not Jimmy (?) seen (?) him so he will give you all the news"  At the end of it is a blurry word that appears to start with a "D" - I really cannot tell if this is a signature or just another word.  

Here - see it close up:

It was written in pencil and that corner of the postcard is quite damaged, so it is really hard to tell what it says.  I had assumed that it said "Dick" or maybe just "D." - but now I'm not sure if it even is a signature.  If it is a signature, it's certainly not that of Jimmy Kinnaird.

So I'm working on a couple of assumptions right now based on a little research I've done so far on Jimmy Kinnaird, this postcard, and the previous one from that area:

1)  That they knew more than one person in the Atlin/Discovery area
2)  That Jimmy Kinnaird was neither this sender nor the previous recipient

Another thing to mention - I do not know who is in the photograph, but because it has a number and series assigned to it, I'm thinking it was a commercial shot and not a personalized postcard with a photo of friends or anything.  

There are more images of Discovery and Atlin to come.

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