Monday, July 6, 2015

#10 - Madeira

Addressed to Mr. J. McCurrach (Jack) of 9 Roseneath Terrace, Nairn, this postcard is of the church in Monte, but the postmark is unreadable (to me - anyone else know what it is?) and the stamp is a British Half Penny, so I think it may have been sent from England.  So no knowing whether this person went to Madeira or not.

The text written on the front of the card reads: "Dear J.  We were sorry we did not see you before we left Nairn the last day we were there.  I am so busy just now that I forgot it was my turn to send a post-card.  What miserable weather.  Sarah"

From what Sarah (don't know who she was) wrote, it would seem that Jack (as well as his mother and other members of the family) was caught up in the craze of the day:  postcard writing.  Obviously there were many more postcards from Sarah that no longer are in the collection.  I wonder how many went missing over the years.  And I'm so grateful that my great-grandparents and my grandmother held on to these ones.

Anyhow - Madeira, for those of you who don't know, is an island owned by Portugal, but it's actually closer to Africa - and southeast of the Azores.  The small village of Monte is located on the island, and the Church of Nossa Sinhora Do Monte ("Our Lady of the Mountain" - the building pictured on the postcard) is a major tourist attraction there.

Built on the foundations of an old chapel, the church was constructed in 1741 and damaged by an earthquake in 1748.  The island became and continues to be a destination for tourists.  But was Sarah one of them?  I hope so.  Just because travelling is a wonderful thing to do.

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