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Monday, July 6, 2015

#11 - Tain

This postcard was sent from Tain.  Tain is located in the Highlands of Scotland, on the North Sea Coast, on Dornoch Firth.  I believe it is the northernmost community represented in this collection:

"The origin of the name "Tain" is uncertain and may be derived from the pre-Celtic name for the nearby River Tain. The origin of the town's Gaelic name is however quite clear: Baile Dubhthaich, meaning 'Duthac's town' after the saint of this name, also known as Duthus." (care of Wikipedia - the whole article is here).

Tain was granted royal charter in 1066, making it Scotland's oldest Royal Burgh (also from the Wikipedia article).  A large aerodrome was built here in the 1930s and was home to many airmen during WWII.

This post card was sent October 21, 1909 from Tain to Jack in Nairn - not too very far away, really - just across a peninsula and Moray Firth - I'm starting to understand where Colin Firth's name comes from).  The text reads:  "I got back once again + feeling alright what do you think of High St. Did not see J (?) yet but will write you when I do .  Remember me to all at home.  Your old cheer (chum?)" illegible signature.  

The mark WR&S is on this card as it was on numbers 2 and 7 as well.  I thought I wrote about them earlier, but I can't find that reference, so I may repeat myself.  WR&S (William Ritchie and Sons) was an Edinburgh firm that produced a lot of postcards at this time - all of these ones are the "Reliable Series."  They also put out albums of postcards for purchase.

The front of the card is of High Street in Tain.  Love to see the photos with the dresses, top hats, carriages, bicycles and such.  

Here's how Google Street View has it today:

Hasn't changed much, has it.

I want to go visit these places.

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