Friday, July 3, 2015

#8 - Dunoon from the Pier

Today's postcard is a scene titled "Dunoon from the Pier."  It was sent from Annie (My Great-Grandfather's sister) in Dunoon to her mother, Susanna at 9 Roseneath Terrace, Nairn, on August 7, 1909.

Dunoon is located in the western portion of Scotland, west and north of Glasgow, across the water from Gourock, which was mentioned in this previous post.   It is part of the Argyll & The Isles region and is a gateway to beautiful scenery and exploration.

The text of the postcard reads:  "Dear mother will you kindly tell me how you streach your shawels do you wash them or just damp them my lady is doing one and is wanting to no how to streach it.  we are having fouly weather here but to hot for working at least for fat people like me ta ta with love annie write soon."

A couple of conclusions come to mind - Annie had poor writing skills despite a good education system in Scotland, and she was what she considered fat.  I'm not sure what the standards were for that in her day in Scotland, though, and I have no photos of her, so I have no idea if she was truly overweight or just thought herself such.  

The front of the post card shows the Dunoon pier and the Argyll Hotel:

(the black lines that look like fishing wire are pencil scribbles that I probably put on here when I was small - or it was one of my cousins)

The hotel can be seen today here:

I want to go stay at this hotel - in that top room above the sign - if it's a room.  But in the summertime, as I'd like to avoid the "fouly" weather.

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