Monday, July 6, 2015

#9 - St. Andrew's Castle

Today's postcard was sent to Mrs. McCurrach at 9 Roseneath Terrace in Nairn, Scotland from someone who signed "M. McJ" - maybe it's a "J", could be an I or a P.

It was sent from Nairn on August 10, 1909 at 9am - so it was sent to and from the same town.

This is confusing, but better explained when you read the text - and remember that most people did not have telephones back then (a stamp cost half a penny at the time):  "I shall send 3 pints currants on Tuesday with Baker.  Please call there for them.  These are all I have to share now all well."

Things like this make me think of how little we would communicate if we had to consciously put a stamp on every e-mail or Facebook post - and how much we actually communicate in this day and age - electronically, not personally.  (As an aside, I HATE black currants!)

Well, as you can see, the picture is of St. Andrews Castle - a 13th-century Medieval castle that served to house the bishops and archbishops of St. Andrews.  Located on the east coast of Scotland, south of Aberdeen and north of Edinburgh, St. Andrews is probably best known for its golf course.  

Obviously M McI (?) had an extra postcard hanging around that she used for short notes.  Very interesting behaviour, actually.  I wonder if she collected them from the places she visited ....

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